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Laid Edges vs Traction Alopecia: Restoring my Hairline with Follicle Unit Transplant (FUT)

Elise shares her journey with traction alopecia which started over 16 years ago with micro individual braids in High School & College. During that time, she continually installed micro braids on her hair without any breaks or rest in between. Whether professional or doing them herself, she would pull on her sensitive hairline to keep a look of fresh and neat braids. However, her hairline was thinning to the point of no return until her hairline disappeared.

Follicle Unit Transplant Journey Recap

Check out my recap video of my Follicle Unit Transplant procedure from March 18, 2019! From her research, not many women with locs have had this procedure and shared their experience so she wanted to give representation to this story. Elise decided to continue her loc journey with her restored hairline. This 1.5 year journey reflects a decision to improve her quality of life and she had excellent results!

What are Fredges?

Fredges means "Fresh Edges"! My friend Samantha Whitlock coined this term "Fredges" for Elise when she decided to undergo Follicle Unit Transplant to reclaim my edges. Listen to the full story on Episode 10 of Queen Beauty Podcast "Laid Edges & Baby Hairs"


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