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When life gets "lifey", renew your energy tank outside!

Has life ever just been super lifey! Some people (mostly millennials) call it adulting. It’s just a series of events that just aren’t as fun as others that can begin to pile up that we need to sometimes take a break from. Bills, family, work etc...just life stuff. Well, every now and again we need to step back and re-center ourselves. Nature can be the key to life! (mind blown) Oh.. I can get deep with that but I’ll just leave it there. Ever noticed how refreshed you felt after going for a walk outside or after a beach day? Yep, that’s because there’s some good perks to tapping into nature. It literally can renew your energy tank.

Benefits of Nature for Mental Health

  1. Improved attention and lowered stress.

  2. Better mood and reduced risk of psychiatric disorder.

  3. Increased empathy and cooperation.

Practical ways to tap into Nature

  1. Beach day or Park day laying out in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen & water!).

  2. Hiking on a trail or nature walk through local park (google state parks in your area).

  3. Go near some water and just be. Think river, lake, pool, pier, beach!

In general, keep in mind that nature is all around us. Sometimes it may be hard to get outside so remember you can always bring nature to you! Bringing plants or some fresh flowers to your home or patio can go a long way. So can getting a simple fish tank or nature window backdrop from Amazon. Whatever you do, know that either getting into or creating a natural space helps. Take a minute or two and be mindful of how to tap into it.

Queen Beauty Podcast has a full podcast episode about nature - Episode 34! Catch up and listen to this full episode and All our episodes available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast & More!

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