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Beauty Behind the Lens!

Have you ever seen one of those black and white photo time capsules of a beautiful woman or couples in Magazines and exquisite! Now hold on to that thought because I’m going to challenge you. Have you ever thought that could be me? Many of us take the time to admire and get pictures of our family but may see it as cliché or just may be one of those bucket list “one day” fleeting thoughts. Well that was until we sat and talked with Mrs Yvonne Clark, CEO of Y.E.C. Creations who has been in the Photography game for 10 years! (Click here to listen to the podcast) Her unique approach towards guiding you through the process and catering to your service request is like no other!. She sat down and we discovered just how photography taps into our self care in a few simple ways!

1. We are ENOUGH!

We said it before and are here to remind you that you all by a beautiful self are enough of a reason to do whatever your heart desires. Taking a picture doesn’t require a special event, you are the event! Go with that ticket to your session.

2. Seeing you allows you to SEE your beauty

A common comment Yvonne gets is “You’ve changed the way I see myself” which speaks volumes. We get caught up sometimes and lose sight of ourselves in our work and family titles. Personal photography gives us permission to just be ourselves.

3. You DESERVE to be pampered at least once.

A photo shoot hits different when you aren’t scrambling to get the kids ready, quiet your nieces and trying to talk the men into getting dressed up but instead are having someone help YOU get ready!

If you have ever thought about it before but second guessed if this were a good idea know that YES it is! Allow yourself the chance to be pampered for once. If you want Yvonne’s to help capture your beauty and allure you can find her at YEC or on Instagram @yec_creations.

"I must make sure I am regularly taking care of myself, before I take on too much to help others."

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