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Queen Beauty Podcast Cares!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What is Queen Beauty Podcast Cares?

It's an initiative set FOR THE COMMUNITY! We think everyone should be striving for queendom or kingship! But there are times that you may not feel like a queen or a king at all. It happens, its life. And sometimes the path to your greatest self means taking the first step toward counseling services.

Wait, did I sense hesitation? We get it. That is where QB comes in! We want to help remove some of the financial barriers that can exist when seeking counseling services. So you can focus on finding someone of quality, someone you are comfortable with. Someone who may look like you, familiar with your culture, family dynamics or religion.

We are now accepting donations to help pay the counseling cost of someone, a couple or family in need. The types of counseling services can range from Individual, family, marital, couples, post partum & more. After podcast episodes about self care and the importance of mental health services, Queen Beauty Podcast understand that there are limitations with access to mental health services. We have started a donation campaign to rally around and support those in need of counseling services. Queen Beauty is me, it's you , its all of us.

Do you want to help? Donate today if you wish to support our mission to promote access to mental health & wellness. Click Donate to make a donation and lets make a difference, together.

If you wish to apply, click APPLY. Or if you know someone interested in being a recipient of this service, please share the application link:

Have you been to our Queen Beauty SHOP store yet? 10% of all merchandise proceeds will go to Queen Beauty Podcast Cares. You do not want to miss the SWAG (Self Worth and Gratitude) merch just for you! We have T-shirts, crop tops, mugs, totes. Be on the look self care SWAG journals coming soon!


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