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Queen Beauty Podcast brings a black women millennial perspective to topics surrounding self-care and personal growth. While both of us work full time in the corporate world, we use this space as an opportunity to share and support passion and purpose.  Queen Beauty redefines the definition of SWAG (Self Worth & Gratitude)!  Queen Beauty brings intentional positive vibes, laughter and reflective thoughts to each episode.  You can always expect to hear us uplifting black voices, stories or supporting businesses for the culture. We bring  relatable and resonating topics as you move through the adulting journey. 









Quandras and Elise met freshman year at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  From college roommates to post college sister-like best friends, we have been there for each other through many life lessons, challenges and glories.  These 2 northern beauties are now residing and adjusting to living in the south.  We both understand that life is a continuous journey and podcast is way to give representation to our lives.  As always, peace and love.  

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