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Rise & Focus Sunrise Yoga with @Yogabyquan

Quandras loves teaching yoga to both adults and children. Balancing being a wife, mother of 3 (including an infant) and working full time, purposeful planning is a requirement for her to pursue her yoga passion! She made one intentional adjustment in her daily routine and was able to create space to continue teaching yoga. Episode 5 of Queen Beauty Podcast about how to align passion & purpose. Listen to “Purposeful Planning & Overcoming Procrastination and subscribe on any of your streaming apps. As Always, Peace & Love!

Want to Join "Rise & Focus Yoga"?

You can join Quandras virtually every Thursday morning at 7:00am eastern. This is a 20 minute yoga flow with a power thought message to start your day off right. Get up, get re-centered and focused with @yogabyquan! You can go to our contact section if interested in attending virtual yoga classes.


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