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Are You Afraid of Adulting?

Welcome to the Halloween Edition Self-Care Kickback on Episode 12! We discussed fears that happen within adulting and how we can overcome and cope with them. Adulting by definition is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a "responsible adult" inclusive of the accomplishments of mundane but necessary task.

As youth, we watched the Nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of Dark?" or read Goosebumps books. As an ode to the fond memories of 90s, we phrase the question to our friends on the Queen Beauty Podcast instagram page, "Are You Afraid of Adulting?"


We categorized the top adulting fears into 7 categories. Within each categories was a mix bag of fears that were very similar on both sides of the spectrum. We found it very interesting that there were so many trends and similar responses across ages and genders.

  1. Finances: Will I retire? IRS, Bills & Debt?

  2. Parenting: Will I mess up my kids vs. Will I have children?

  3. Relationships/Family: Will I find a mate vs. Am I wasting time in this relationship?

  4. Life Goals/Decisions: Is it too late to achieve my dream? Am I living in my purpose?

  5. Career: Will I get a promotion? Is this the right career for me?

  6. Real Estate: I want to buy a house vs. I dont want to buy the wrong house

  7. Health: How long will I be healthy? What if I get a costly medical ailment?

You Are Not Alone!

In our best Michael Jackson voice..."You are not alone". Understanding that the top adulting fears are so similar among our peers was a form of self-care. We sometimes feel isolated in our thoughts but it was refreshing to see so many people with the same fears about being grown. Many of us have fears in life when we transition into adulthood and many times they are not discussed. It is fair to say that our fears can increase when we think we are the only person worrying about unknowns or wondering about our life decisions. Sometimes we have to stop living in the dark with our fears so that we can uplift and encourage each other.

FEAR "The New Coping Word"

We would like to encourage you to take the word "FEAR", reverse it and use it as a coping word. When are are worried about unknowns, your decisions,

F- Forgiveness & Focus

E - Embrase Decisions

A - Action & Acceptance

R - Realistic Expectations

At the end of the day, when all the dust settles, we have 2 eyes, 10 fingers & 1 brain. You are doing your best, YOU ARE ENOUGH! As always, Peace & Love

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